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Welcome to
the 58th International Conference of Scandinavian Simulation Society
SIMS 2017,
Reykjavik, Iceland

September 25-27 2017

The first two days will be the actual conference and the third day study visits.

The schedule for submitting abstract and papers will be as follows:

  • March 20 - Submission of Abstracts
  • April 10 - Notification of acceptance of Abstracts.
  • May 29 - Submission of paper for review
  • June 30 - Comments from scientific committee
  • August 14 - Camera-ready manuscript
  • August 14 - Deadline for Early Registration
  • September 25-27 - Conference 2017.

Proceedings will be published in Linköping University Press.

Easy Chair will be used for submission of papers

For more information see SIMS 2017 link (under construction)

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General information

SIMS is the Scandinavian Simulation Society with members from the five Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland. The SIMS history goes back to 1959. SIMS practical matters are taken care of by the SIMS board. It consists of two representatives from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and eventually one from Iceland. (The representative from Iceland has not been elected yet). SIMS annual meeting takes place at the annual SIMS conference or in connection to international simulation conferences arranged in the Nordic countries.

The goals of SIMS

The Society exists to The society pursues its goals by

How to contact SIMS

You can contact the chair of the SIMS board,

For all technical aspects (membership, fees, subscription, mailing lists, WWW site, finances) you can contact the SIMS Coordinator Vadim Engelson (Wolfram MathCore AB, Sweden), vadime(a)wolfram(dott)com .

The board of SIMS

The board of SIMS consists of:

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How to join SIMS

Both organizations and individuals can be SIMS members. However, individuals can only become SIMS members by joining an organization belonging to SIMS.

You may register as a member of SIMS by sending your application with your personal data to the address of one of the member organizations:

The benefits of SIMS members:

Membership fees

The price for organizational members: Please contact Vadim Engelson, regarding membership fees.

Journal Subscription

Free electronic subscription of Simulation News Europe (3 issues/year, usually one single and one double issue) is a benefit of all SIMS members.

Regarding subscription on Simulation News Europe you can contact Vadim Engelson.


Annual meetings and board meetings take place at annual SIMS conferences. Additional meetings are organized using teleconferencing.

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