SIMS 99 Proceedings

P. Fritzson (editor), Linköpings Universitet, Linköping 1999


[The electronic proceedings prepared 11 November 2002 by Vadim Engelson]

Conference programme (PS).


Modelica - A Language for Physical System Modeling, Visualization and

Interaction (PDF, at

Hilding Elmqvist, Sven Erik Mattsson and Martin Otter  


Object-oriented Modeling of Thermo-hydraulical Processes

Hubertus Tummescheit (German version of the paper, slides, English version   


A Design, Simulation and Visualization Environment for Object-Oriented

Mechanical and Multi-Domain Models in Modelica (PS)

Vadim Engelson, H&kan Larsson and Peter Fritzson   


Data Mapping from Product Models to Object Oriented Simulation Models (PDF)

Per Sahlin 


Component Frameworks for Modeling and Simulation (PDF)

Pasi Laakso, Teemu Miitiisniemi, Tommi Karhela and Matti Paljakka    .


User Interface Design Considerations EESCoolTools - A Collection of Simulation Models for Reftigeration Applications (PDF)

Simon Engedal Andersen, Ame Jakobsen and Bjame Dindier Rasmussen        


C++ Toolbox for Object-Oriented Modeling and Dynamic Simulation of Physical Systems

Falko J. Wagner and Mikael Z. Poulsen   (PS)


Modeling, Code Generation, and Simulation of a Seesaw / Pendulum Process

Using Mathematica and MathCode C++ (PS)

Mats Jirstrand 


A Mathematica-based PDE-Solver Generator

K. Sheshadri and Peter Fritzson  [N/A].


Control Design with FEMLAB Submodels

Karin Danielsson  (abstract) .


Simulation and Optimization of Systems with Multiple Energy Carriers

Bjorn Harald Bakken, Ame Haugstad, Knut S. Hornnes, Bjorn Gustavsen and Sivert Vist. (PDF)


A Simulation Tool for Multi Component Chromatography

Bemt Nilsson, Per Borgquist and Patrik Persson   (PDF)


Simulation and visualization of an Autonomous Helicopter and Service Robots in

the WITAS Project

Johan Parmar and Peter Fritzson   [N/A]


Modeling and Simulation of Hybrid, Multi-domain Systems Using Switched Bond Graphs

Krister Edström and Torkel Glad  (PS)


Simulation of Rolling Element Bearings

Lars-Erik Stacke and Dag Fritzson  (PS,PDF)


Computerized Simulation of Meshing and Contact of the Worm Gear Drives

Alexandru Pozdirca, Desiderius Maros and Peter Bunus   [N/A]


Computational Modeling of Squirell-Cage - Induction Motor Starting Process

Saleh Al-Jufout  (PDF)


Calculating Energy Consumption and Thermal Dynamics of Buildings -

Comparison of Some Calculating Models and the Effect of Input Data and Modelling Assumptions on Results

Timo Kalema and Jarmo Keski-Opas  (PS)


Simulation of Chemical and Hydrometallurgical Processes

Zoltan Cziprian, Rodrigo Grau and Sirkka-Liisa Jämsä-Jounela  (PDF)


Modelling and Simulation of Heterogeneous Embedded Systems with UML

Razvan Jigorea, Sorin Manolache, Petru Eles and Zebo Peng    (PS)


End User Specification for Simulation of Teams of Soccer Playing Robots

Paul Scerri and Johan Ydren  ( PS, DVI)


Verifying Quality of Service of ARCnet Based ATOMOS Communication System for Integrated Ship Control

Niels Norgaard Nielsen, Jens Dalsgaard Nielsen, Henrik Schioler and Ole Bruhn Madsen (PDF)


Parallel Discrete Event Simulation of Radio Resource Management in Personal Communication Networks

Michael Liljenstam (PS) 


Multiple Model Intelligent Simulation with Linguistic Equations and Fuzzy Logic

Esko K. Juuso (PS)