Emmanouil Kakaras, Reinhard Leithner, Antonios Koumanakos, Nikolaos Aronis, Aggelos Doukelis

Application of the ENBIPRO Software Code for the Simulation of a Novel IGCC Plant with CO2 Capture

The purpose of this work is to present a thermodynamic cycle calculation software and its potential in the simulation of novel electricity generation cycles integrating CO2 sequestration. The software codeENBIPRO ENergie-BIllanz-PROgram is a powerful tool for heat and mass balance solving of complex thermodynamic circuits, calculation of efficiency, exergetic and exergo economic analysis of power plants. The software code models all pieces of equipment that usually appear in power plant installations and can accurately calculate all thermodynamic properties temperature, pressure, enthalpy at each node of the thermodynamic circuit, power consumption of each component, flue gas composition etc. The code has proven its validity by accurately simulating a large number of power plants and through comparison of the results with other commercial software.