Purwanto Hadi, Tomohiro Akiyama

Mathematical Modeling of Molten Slag Granulation Using a Spinning Disk Atomizer

To optimize granulation process, a mathematical model of a spinning disk atomizer was developed to produce particle from high-temperature molten slag. The model comprises three parts 1 fluid flow model of molten slag on the spinning disk, 2 physical model of ligament formation of slag, and 3 heat transfer model of slag drops dispersed from the ligament. First, a 2-D fluid flow model was developed to evaluate the film thickness of slag layer and was calculated using the scalar equation method. The number and diameter of the ligaments formed were evaluated using the physical model. Finally, the heat transfer model was employed to evaluate the quenching rate and temperature distribution within the drop. The developed model was verified by comparing the calculated result with the experimental data of drop diameter, both of which were found to be in reasonable good agreement. The advantage of this model is that it can also be used to predict the cooling rate and temperature distribution within the particle, which controls the slag properties.