Tristan Perez, Øyvind N. Smogeli, Thor I. Fossen, Asgeir J. Sørensen

An Overview of Marine Systems Simulator (MSS): A Simulink Toolbox for Marine Control Systems

The Marine Systems Simulator MSS is an environment which provides the necessary resources for a rapid implementation of mathematical models of marine systems with focus on control system design. The simulator targets models and provides examples ready to simulate of different floating structures performing various operations. The platform adopted for the development of MSS is Matlab Simulink. This allows a modular simulator structure, and the possibility of distributed development. Openness and modularity of software components have been the prioritized design principles for systematic reuse of knowledge,resulting in improved and more efficient tools for research and education. This paper provides an overview of the structure of the MSS, its features, current accessibility, and plans for future development.