58th SIMS Conference on Simulation and Modelling, SIMS 2017

The 58th International Conference of Scandinavian Simulation Society, SIMS 2017, was organised in Reykjavik, Iceland, September 25-27, 2017.


The 58th International Conference of Scandinavian Simulation Society, SIMS 2017, was organised in Reykjavik, Iceland, September 25-27, 2017. Reykjavik is the northernmost and one of the smallest capital cities in the world. Although small for a capital, it is the country’s largest and most populated city and with the urban area population of around 200000, it is the home of the vast majority of Iceland’s people. The city is pioneer in the use of geothermal energy to provide low-cost heating and electricity. Iceland’s energy consumption per capita is among the highest in the world, and the proportion of this consumption provided by renewable energy sources exceeds most other countries. The electricity is produced almost entirely from renewable energy sources, hydroelectric (70%) and geothermal (30%) and simulation, modelling and optimization are the key elements to utilize the renewable energy more efficiently.
The SIMS 58 covered broad aspects of simulation, modelling and optimization and be a technical forum for participants to further their knowledge by being exposed to diverse topics, and exchange opinions and ideas both from industry and academia in a variety of topics related to simulation, modelling and optimization. The ambition is to bring the field of applied modelling and simulation techniques of energy systems to the general public as a contributing technology for efficient and sustainable energy systems. This year, the conference program contains two keynote speakers, 53 research papers and presentations organized into 14 sessions and an excursion to a geothermal park. The focus of the conference was on simulation, modelling and optimization in a variety of applied contexts including topics such as geothermal, hydro and bio energy, oil production, automotive industry and methodology and technologies for simulation, modelling and optimization. A key component of the SIMS conference is the opportunity to socialize and make new connections. The conference offers several possibilities such as a conference dinner at Bryggjan Brugghús (Bistro and Brewery), an excursion to the Reykjanes GEOPARK and last but not least some coffee and lunch breaks.



  • Conference presentations: September 25th and 26th
  • All day technical visit: September 27th


Orkustofnun - National Energy Authority, Grensasvegur 9, IS-108 Reykjavik, Iceland
Orkustofun is a government agency under the Ministry of Industries and Innovation. Its main responsibilities are to advise the Government of Iceland on energy issues and related topics, license and monitor the development and exploitation of energy and mineral resources, regulate the operation of the electrical transmission and distribution system and promote energy research. The Director General of Orkustofnun is Guðni A. Jóhannesson.
The travel between Keflavik International Airport and Reykjavik is about 45 minutes by bus. Flybus offers regular service to either the BSI bus terminal, just south of the city center 2200 IKR one way or directly to Reykjavik hotels. Gray Line Airport Express offers also regular service directly to Reykavik hotels 2100 IKR one way. Taxis cost around 15000 IKR for 1-4 passengers and 19000 for 5-8 passengers.
The venue is accessible by public transport called Strætó in Icelandic with regular services. Reykjavik's Central Bus Station Hlemmur is located on the main shopping street Laugavegur in Reykjavík. Strætó lists all routes and schedules online, and also offers a free online app for your smartphone: http://www.straeto.is/app that allows you to locate buses and pay for rides.
The walking distance from Reykavik Centrum to Orkustofnun is 4 km and takes about 50 min.


Follow this link https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=sims2017 to submit your papers.


Magnus Thor Jonsson at University of Iceland,
Baldur Pétursson at National Energy Authority,
Silja Rán Sigurðardóttir at National Energy Authority,
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