60th International Conference of Scandinavian Simulation Society, SIMS 2019

The 60th International Conference of Scandinavian Simulation Society, SIMS 2019, was held August 13-16, 2019 in Västerås, Sweden


The 60th SIMS conference on Simulation and Modelling (SIMS 2016) was held in cooperation with ICAE, 11th International Conference of Applied Energy in Våsteräs, Sweden. This was the 60th time for the conference SIMS. It was held the first time 1959, also in Vasteras, so this was a nice anniversary. Våsteräs is a city in Central Sweden on the shore of Lake Mälaren in the province of Västmanland, 100 kilometers west of Stockholm. The city has a population of approximately 120 000 out of the municipal total of 150 000.
The conference was held together with ICAE 2019 and thus the first day we had joint keynote speeches. Esko Juuso (Chairman six years before Erik) and Erik Dahlquist (Chairman SIMS last six years) had a presentation to all participants (800+) and the presentation is attached in the proceedings as well. It gives a bit of the history.
The Scandinavian Simulation Society consists of members from five Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland. The goal of SIMS is to further develop the science and practice of modelling and simulation in all application areas and to be a forum for information interchange between professionals and non-professionals in the Nordic countries. SIMS is a member society of The Federation of European Simulation Societies (EUROSIM) was set up in 1989. The purpose of EUROSIM is to provide a European forum for regional and national simulation societies to promote the advancement of modelling and simulation in industry, research and development. EUROSIM consists of 17 European Simulation Societies. TheScandinavian simulation society (SIMS) had Board and Annual Meetings during the conference. The six-year period of Prof. Erik Dahlquist as the SIMS Chairman ended and Prof. Bernt Lie was elected as the new Chairman.
The SIMS 60 conference covered broad aspects of simulation, modeling and optimization in engineering applications, including many papers on bioprocesses, buildings, and electricity. Bioprocess cases cover biomass, biogas, anaerobic digestion, fed-batch fermentation, biofilm reactors, wastewater treatment, and waste conversion. Energy papers focus on buildings, including energy management, distributed power generation, thermal behavior, energy storage, occupation, and solar energy, and electricity focusing on synchronous generators, lighting, district heating, and power transmission. Several papers discuss fluidized beds in biomass gasification. Applications include also oil production, drilling, erosion, anti-icing, underground mining, and maintenance management. Cases utilize versatile methodologies, e.g. multivariate regression, parameter estimation, Kalman filters, and computational fluid dynamics, enhanced with uncertainty handling, intelligent systems, machine learning, digital twins, model predictive control, and early diagnostics. Various modelling and simulation tools were used.
Panel discussions were organised on future directions of SIMS. The technical tours covered heat and power, water, wastewater, waste collection, and recycling. Industrial and environmental applications, development of modelling and simulation tools and strong support for PhD students continue for stimulating process development model-based automation.





60th International Conference of Scandinavian Simulation Society, SIMS 2019


Questions about the submissions should be emailed to
Erik Dahlquist
Professor i Energy Engineering
School of Business, society and engineering
Mälardalen University, Västerås, Sweden
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