43rd Conference on Simulation and Modeling, SIMS 2002

took place in Oulu, Finland, September 26-27, 2002, 43nd Scandinavian Conference on Simulation and Modeling, Please visit the conference WWW site for details.


The 43rd SIMS conference was held on 26 – 27 September, 2002 at the University of Oulu. The conference was organised by Finnish Society of Automation with the University of Oulu (Finland).
The conference covered broad aspects of modelling and simulation and scientific computation. More than 80 people attended the conference mainly coming from the Scandinavian countries but attendees from Canada, Estonia, Russia and Spain were also present.
The program consisted of three plenary lectures and 34 regular lectures varying from theoretical simulation methods and tools to wide range of industrial applications. Dr. Pekka Taskinen gave an overview of simulation, applications and tools in metals extraction. President Larry S. Wasik and professor Erik Dahlquist shed light on simulation in pulp and paper industry. Main topics of the conference were following:
• Modelling and simulation tools presented interactive tools and development methods for different modelling levels in ever increasing complexity.
• Distributed and parallel simulation included distributing the computation load on many computers, connecting dynamic simulations with automation and operator training, using simulation in various IT applications as well as internet and agent-based techniques for introducing interoperability. Trends to include high-performance computing into cluster computing and their impacts on processor technologies were addressed.
• Training simulators aimed for personnel training in process industry as well as for education, where simulators are connected to both experimental devices and real processes.
• Applications for process development, control and production planning in various industrial areas were presented, including large-scale production systems and specific processes, e.g. chemical pulping, paper machines, continuous casting, solution purification, fluidised bed granulators, water purification and boilers. Real-time simulation of mechatronic machines as well product design and control for telecommunication and simulation of biomass growth were interesting extensions.
• Development methodologies and applications were closely connected, e.g. intelligent methods were essential parts in several applications.
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