First SIMS EUROSIM Conference on Modelling and Simulation, SIMS EUROSIM 2021, and 62nd International Conference of Scandinavian Simulation Society, SIMS 2021

The First SIMS EUROSIM Conference on Modelling and Simulation, SIMS EUROSIM 2021 will be held as a virtual conference on September 21-23, 2021. The 62nd International Conference of Scandinavian Simulation Society, SIMS 2021, is embedded with SIMS EUROSIM 2021.


The SIMS EUROSIM conference will be organized every third year by SIMS and the Federation of European Simulation Societies, EUROSIM. The background of this conference series is in the 60-years history of Scandinavian Simulation Society, SIMS. The program of the SIMS EUROSIM 2021 Conference will have a multi-conference structure with several special topics related to methodologies and application areas. The program includes invited talks, parallel, special and poster sessions, exhibition and versatile technical and social tours. The conference is organized by Scandinavian Simulation Society (SIMS), Finnish Simulation Forum (FinSim), Finnish Society of Automation and University of Oulu.
The Scandinavian simulation society, SIMS, originates from Scandinaviska Analogmaskinsällskabet (SAMS), which was founded in 1959. The Finnish Society of Automation (FSA), founded in 1953, is a forum for members and all automation users to disseminate technological experience and to advance professional skills. Finnish Simulation Forum (FinSim) is a division of FSA. The Federation of European Simulation Societies, EUROSIM, was set up in 1989. The purpose of EUROSIM is to provide a European forum for regional and national simulation societies to promote the advancement of modelling and simulation in industry, research and development.
**SIMS EUROSIM 2021 conference submission deadlines:
September 18, 2021 presentation by using the template;
September 18, 2021 check material for the conference program, inc. Authors, Title, Abstract, Keywords and Presenter;
September 30, 2021 update the extended abstract for the Book of Abstracts;
October 15, 2021 updates for the SIMS Eurosim 2021 Proceedings.
Follow the author instructions.
SIMS Annual Meeting, Tuesday, September 21,2021 at 14:45-16:00.
Final program

Author instructions

- The length of the scientific papers should be 6 pages, the maximum is 8 pages.
The peer-reviewed conference articles will be published in Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings Series (publication level 1 in Finland and Norway). Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings is an open access archive.
- The length of the industrial papers should from 4 to 8 pages.
- The length of the short papers should be from 2 to 3 pages.
The extended abstracts should be structured into the following sections:
  • Title which clearly indicates the research topics.
  • Authors, names institute, country and email address . The first/presenting author is responsible for ensuring that all authors have agreed to be co-authors.
  • Key words (3-5). Background, Aims, Materials and methods, (Results, Conclusions).
  • Maximum length of the abstract is 5000 characters, about 700 words or approximately one A4 page. Figures and tables are allowed and with them the maximum length is two pages.
The short abstracts should be 150 - 300 words. Note! They are required in the information part of the first submissions and should be updated later for the conference program and publications. There will not be any separate review for these abstracts.
Thematic sessions should be devoted to a specific topic within the scope of the conference. The proposals are submitted at EasyChair, see the submission instructions. The contributions do not need to be of the same paper type. The submission procedures, deadlines and the review process follow the guidelines of the appropriate submission type from the draft paper / draft extended abstract phase onwords. The first submission steps will be controlled by the session organizers. EasyChair should be used in all submission phases. The thematic session is indicated by selecting the topic information.
Author information, short abstract and keywords for the conference program.
Reference lists are needed as separate word or text files. Content: Title and authors are followed by the reference list of the paper.
Instructions for the reference lists
Instructions for the reference listsmedia-files/Instructions for reference lists Upd.pdf
should be used as a check list for citing and references both within the paper and in the separate reference file.


Keynote presentations
Technical presentations
Parallel sessions: three parallel sessions, including discussions, on all three conference days.
Panel discussion
Chair: Adj. prof. Jari Ruuska, Control Engineering, Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Technology, University of Oulu, Finlandl
  • Hub Manager Björn Jonsson, Northern Europe Process Industries & Head of Industrial Automation Division, ABB, Sweden
    CV Björn Jonsson
    CV Björn Jonssonmedia-files/CV Björn Jonsson (2021).pdf
  • Head of Product Management, Jyri Lindholm, NAPCON, Neste Engineering Solutions Oy, Finland
  • Assoc. prof. Miguel Mujica-Mota, Eurosim President, Aviation Academy, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands.
  • Prof. Bernt Lie, SIMS President, Department of Electrical engineering, Information Technology and Cybernetics, Faculty of Technology, Natural Sciences and Maritime Sciences, Porsgrunn, Norway
  • Senior prof. Erik Dahlquist, Past SIMS President, School of Business Society and Engineering, Division of Automation in Energy and Environmental Engineering, Västerås, Sweden
  • Adj. prof. Esko Juuso, Conference chair, Past EUROSIM President, Control Engineering, Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Technology, University of Oulu, Finland
SIMS Annual Meeting, Tuesday, September 21,2021 at 14:45-16:00.
Final program


Virtual Conference:
All the sessions were held in a virtual conference organized as parallel tracks in Zoom. A group of students from the Process Engineering Guild ( ), University of Oulu, were helping the session chairs and co-chairs by taking care of the system operation as session hosts. Physical conference attendance was not possible since physical venues were not provided.
The presentations were submitted in advance. Since the authors were presenting online, prerecording was not needed. The presentations were recorded during the sessions. Recorded presentations were kept visible for a limited time after the conference. For each presentation, a permission from the speaker(s) was asked to allow this visibility.


EasyChair will be used for submission of all papers and abstracts. Please follow the link
Submission Types and Schedule
Five types of contributions can be offered to the SIMS EUROSIM 2021 conference:
Scientific papers must be written in English and will be accepted for presentation based on a peer review of the draft papers. The peer-reviewed conference articles will be published in Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings Series
Industrial papers can be submitted as scientific papers. Additionally, industrial papers written in English, Finnish or Swedish can be submitted as full papers to be reviewed for publication in the conference proceedings published by The Finnish Society of Automation. Interesting case reports are welcomed as well.
Extended abstracts: The presentation at the conference can also be accepted on the basis of extended abstracts without a full paper. Extended abstracts will be published by The Finnish Society of Automation
Short papers: Student/Discussion papers should follow the writing guidelines of scientific papers when applicable. The final guidelines will be available in review phase. Selected short papers will be published by Journal SNE, .
- Posters: Submissions are accompanied with short papers or extended abstracts.


The registration fees depend on the participation:
  • Full registration fees include admission to all the sessions of the conference.
  • The student fees include admission to all the sessions. It allows one short paper.


  • The membership needs to be proven by a certificate.
  • The student fees are only for Master and Bachelor Students. PhD students do not belong in this group.
  • All prices are including VAT, and do not include the price of the hotel.
  • The conference publications are Open Access.


Questions about the submissions should be emailed to
Esko Juuso, SIMS EUROSIM 2021 Chair
Bernt Lie, President of SIMS, IPC Chair
Jari Ruuska, SIMS EUROSIM 2020 NOC Chair
SIMS EUROSIM 2020 Secretariat
Finnish Society of Automation / Finnish Automation Support Ltd
Tel. +358 50 400 6624
SIMS, the Scandinavian Simulation Society, is a member of
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