How to join SIMS

Both organizations and individuals can be SIMS members. However, individuals can only become SIMS members by joining an organization belonging to SIMS.
You may register as a member of SIMS by sending your application with your personal data to the address of one of the member organizations:
  • Norway: NFA - Norsk Forening for automatisering, Kjøita 19, 4630 Kristiansand, Norway. Telephone: +47 90 90 92 94. E-mail: Director: Karin Sundsvik, , +47-911 42 570 Administrative coordinator: Barbro Berg Bakken, , +47-481 94 540
  • Finland: Finnish Society of Automation, Asemapäällikönkatu 12 B, FI-00520 Helsinki, Finland. Tel: +358 50 400 6624, ,
  • Denmark: Contact Danish Board members
  • Sweden: Contact Swedish Board members
  • Iceland: Contact Icelandic Board members

The benefits of SIMS members:

  • All SIMS members are members of EUROSIM - the Federation of European Simulation Societies (
  • Free subscription of the Journal Simulation Notes Europe (SNE), which is the official membership journal of EUROSIM, see
  • 10-20% discount on conference fee when participating in conferences arranged by SIMS. 10-20% discounts on the conference fee when participating in conferences arranged by EUROSIM.
  • Access to non-public part of SIMS web page, with interesting information on modelling and simulation
  • SIMS individual members may be put on the SIMS mailing list, to receive information on simulation conferences, courses and other related events.
  • SIMS organizational members may put their logo at an appropriate place on SIMS Web pages
  • SIMS organizational members may announce events of interest in modelling and simulation via the SIMS mailing list and web pages.

Membership fees

The price for organizational members:
  • 120 Euro/year basic fee
  • 10 Euro/individual/year additional fee (from 2016).
  • If individuals join later during the year (after July 1), the individual fee is reduced proportionally.
Please contact Vadim Engelson, regarding membership fees.
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